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HomeworkMarket – This was the case of entry into NATO and later the EU.

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There is no possibility of formal entry to the list after the vote, not to mention after the closing meeting of the marshal. Moreover, before the vote, Parliament Speaker should get a list of the presence and with the help of secretaries to establish whether there is a quorum. Alternatively Marshal Kuchciński he should order a roll-call vote, which allows the verification of the presence at the same time. The names of Members would wyczytywane, and the voices themselves thrown into the ballot box. Then there would be no doubt as to the legality of the vote. What threatens the Members who have signed the list after the meeting? As explained by Professor. Patyra in this case we are dealing with suspicion of committing a crime under Art. K. K. 270, or falsification of documents by the presence or rework the list of certifying false. Those who have sufficient evidence for it, so they can give notice to the prosecution. Is there a chance for a way out of this impasse? Lawyers have no doubt that it will be very difficult. For this is needed because the good will of both parties to the dispute. And that so far no. But appears to be on the side of the government. A right moves could take or Speaker of Parliament, or the President. The first, according to Dr. Balicki could yet recognize that in connection with violations of the law decisions have been taken and convene the next meeting of the Sejm. In contrast, the president, after referring to his law passed by the Sejm and the Senate, may exercise the right of preventive control and turn to the Constitutional Tribunal to examine the conformity to the Constitution. IN It does not change the fact that during the rule of Law and Justice from 2015. Poland dramatically increased US military presence. Thus, improve our security and acts as a deterrent to potential aggressors. Everything happens in a light counterpoint to the position of a key economic partner across the Oder River, because Berlin does not even try to hide it doing in this respect a different opinion. But let’s start from 2014. Assault Russia to Ukraine was a shock for the West. Suddenly, the problem can be not only mozzarella Rise in prices, but border security. It was manifested in the NATO summit, which de facto started strengthening eastern flank. This final rule of the PO-PSL started this process. Will not help here spell PiS that history began at the end of 2015. Interview with Maciej PRZYBYŁOWSKIM DIRECTOR FINANCIAL / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0] ; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode .insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, “VT-SDK”)); / ** / Just a fact. In 2014. In Newport found that six countries in eastern flank, including in Poland, the rise of the Group Integration Forces NATO (NATO Force Integration Unit, NFIU). Their mission is “to ensure and to facilitate rapid movement of Allied Forces High Readiness”. At that summit also increased the size of the rapid reaction force. Numbers do not cast their knees. It is about something else – changing the way of thinking about the threat. It was not only political science hypothesis. Two years later, during the NATO summit in Warsaw behind the PiS government, it was determined to deepen this direction. In practice, there was a break – from our point of view, very unfavorable – the agreement of NATO – Russia 1997. Decision on the establishment with about a thousand soldiers battalion battle groups in the three Baltic countries and Poland sent once again a very clear message: the Alliance takes seriously the threat of East. Also during the meeting at the National Stadium it announced a decision that will operate with the Polish American combat brigade group, which – With a base in the west of the country – takes part in exercises in the region. Yesterday, after the closing of this edition of the DGP, presidents Andrew Duda and Donald Trump announced another increase in US military presence in Poland. It will not be “Fort Trump” in the strict sense. There will not be a great base. Will be enhanced by the presence of the US in various fields. Among others, will be built military hospital, probably more will also be special forces play an important role in countering the threat, which generates the Russian Federation. Importantly, the ability to quickly increase metastasis allied troops between the Bug and Oder. In retrospect, it seems that using the wording of Fort Trump for president Andrzej Duda during last year’s visit to Washington was not a bad surgery. Posłodzono narcyzowi president, who does not even hide the fact that you like – just to remember what we mean. You may laugh at this, but it seems that as piarowa wrzutka topic and instilling in the minds of politicians and the media was played was effective. US administration determines the presence of their troops in our country as “enduring” or permanent. Do not you see the word “permanent”, which could be translated as a constant. However, as we mentioned in the pages of the DGP, it does not seem to detract from it earned the rank of agreement. You can even risk saying that by rotation every few months soldiers are staying here in greater readiness to act than if they had to live here for years. Strengthening the American presence in Poland is part of a larger whole. The next step long-term process. Paradoxically Robber attack Russia to Ukraine in 2014., At least in the medium term, our security has increased since the North Atlantic Treaty ceased to have any illusions towards our eastern neighbor. What in 2008. After the war in Georgia, few noticed, in 2014. Became, to quote classics, the obvious course. Yesterday in Washington, the process, the beginning of which falls to the time the Minister of National Defense Tomasz Siemoniak, and was continued by his successor, Antoni Macierewicz and Mariusz Blaszczak. This clearly shows that, contrary to appearances, and daily połajance that we serve themselves and politicians, are issues beyond dispute. Gentlemen mentioned in the TV studio probably would not be able to homework answers free admit that they are part of the same process, which has the same vector, and its aim is to strengthen national security. Their agreement on the level of rhetoric, however, is of secondary importance. Significant are the facts. And these are the following: we joined NATO in 1999. NATO soldiers visited us to exercise. In 2014. There were perhaps several hundred in different units. Today the Americans we host more than 4 thousand., And soon there will be almost 6 thousand. Though loud no one says we have a bipartisan consensus. This was the case of entry into NATO and later the EU. So now all major political options aloud or silently support the increase in the number of US troops in Poland. If this matter in our political class is agreed, then perhaps you should go a step further. Because the price we pay for in addition to increasing the presence of political – such as. Strange diplomatic conferences carried out for the needs of America’s big brother – is equal to at least several tens of billions of dollars. Is the sum of purchases of American weapons. Of course, in a few years it will increase the capacity of our armed forces, but we might as well most of this kind of equipment to buy in other countries. In this text I do not want to deal with the question of how (not) effective and (not) prudently carry out those purchases. Neither the fact that social media coined a clever phrase “homeopathic modernization” of the army. The facts are that if you decide to buy the F-35, is now short financial quilt will mean giving up many other programs. Also very important from the standpoint of our ability to defend. Therefore, using an existing unspeakable bipartisan agreement to co-operate with our allies, we should go with the flow and think about how to finance those planes or even arrested the second phase of the purchase of the Patriot system. Perhaps you should reach for the financing of a separate law – in this way we provided funds for the purchase of our F-16. If there is something that connects the two warring political camps, you really need to build on that. I remind you that for the bill to increase the financing of the army, eventually to 2.1 percent. Of GDP in 2020., And gradually to 2.5 percent. Of GDP in 2030., He voted in this term almost all of the Sejm. It should also be noted that while we should be happy with the growing presence of US troops in Poland, responsible politicians must not forget that there are 51 US state. It is not worth unconditionally agree on everything, he wants Washington. At a time when diplomacy transaction begins to dominate the Atlantic, we should be good negotiators. Even if the nature of things and the potential difference are fair ant with an elephant. In the coming years, the US military engagement on the Vistula will grow. To a large extent, this guarantees the inviolability of our borders, time for development and capacity building of the state. In 20 years, US troops in Poland … will be present or not. For these billions buying time to prepare for a worsening geopolitical situation. By this time we should ensure that the cost of aggression was dramatically higher than it is now. Even without US forces in Poland. Elections to the Sejm and the Senate will be held on Sunday, October 13th between the hours of 7 to 21. The election silence starts 24 hours before the polling day (Friday at midnight) and lasts until its completion. If none of the electoral commissions did not extend to vote, the election silence will end on Sunday at. 21. Voting may be extended as a result of extraordinary events, eg. Flood, flooding the polling station, construction disaster, communication is the need Preprint voting cards. As for the obstacles that impede or paralyze the work of electoral commission and exclude or severely limit the reach voters to place wyborczego.zobacz also: Are the Poles after four years are positive about the state of the state? [INTERVIEW with Paul Mucha] “electoral silence violates every element of active electioneering, or encourage or incite the public to vote in a certain way. Do not convene meetings, organize marches and demonstrations, deliver speeches or distribute election materials. Posters hung before the election silence does not need to be picked. However, do not drive vehicles oklejonymi electoral posters, pasted while the vehicle can become. Energize not be internecie.Komisja also stresses that the agitation is prohibited in the polling station in ia exposing symbols, signs and inscriptions associated with candidates and committees wyborczymi.Za electioneering violation of the ban will be fined. The highest fine, of 500 thousand. zł to 1 million zł danger for the publication of opinion polls during the election silence. Both in terms of pre-election polls predicted on the behavior of voters, election results and opinion polls conducted on głosowania.PKW notes, however, that whether something is in breach of the ban on electioneering, they can decide only law enforcement agencies and the courts, and the voter who considers that violated election silence, he should report it immediately to the police or prokuratury.W Sunday’s parliamentary elections will choose 460 deputies and 100 senators. On Thursday, the parliamentary specialized committee continues to work on a project concerning the PiS. Code changes in the election. The project introduces changes in the Code and electoral laws governing the functioning of local government: municipal, district and provincial. The Commission started work on changes in the local government; It lasts from a few hours to consider proposals of PiS and discussion of them. The Commission issued a positive opinion several provisions of the draft. Adopted several amendments of a technical legislacyjnym.Wśród issued opinions by the commission include records This set up a committee of complaints, requests and petitions. Jacek Protas (PO) unsuccessfully wanted removal from the draft record. He argued that there is no need to appoint additional institutions, it is the audit committee. Protas rating that you can consider amendments to the regulations of the audit committee. He pointed out that the committee will be additional burdensome especially for small municipalities. Andrzej Matusiewicz (PiS) replied that in each municipality should be committee. Requests and petitions. Do not commented on clearly. Committee. Complaints. Peter Zgorzelski (PSL) spoke of “self-uszczęśliwianiu force”. The Commission also supported the record saying that local councils deliberations are transmitted and fixed by means of devices recording the image and sound. The recording session will be made available to, among others, on the websites of municipalities. Martin Horal (PiS) proposed adding a provision on declassifying voting at the election of the President of the Municipal Council. – This amendment is the removal of the requirement of a secret ballot. We consistently in different places introducing the principle of public voting. We want to introduce also the chairman of the commune council elections – said Horal. As noted, the reason for the extension of the principle of openness and above all, information for citizens voted as their representatives on the board. This proposal aroused indignation of the opposition deputies, also spoke critically of local governments. Marcin Kierwiński (PO) assessed that after this change “elections in a circle angling will be more serious.” He argued that the elections are secret in local government to ensure the independence of local politicians. He emphasized that the proposal would lead to a reduction Horały independence of the mandate of the councilor. Matusiewicz said Horały proposal is controversial and would not support her, only abstain from voting. Finally Luke Schreiber (PiS), as the representative of the applicants proposed to postpone consideration of the postulate Horały. Deputy Mariusz Witczak advocated unsuccessfully to appoint two parliamentary subcommittees, one to address the issue of self-government, the other for the changes in the electoral Code. In the last week were still agree the final text of the agreement. The document on the establishment of an international team signed at the end of the week – according to PAP. January 4 representatives of the Polish prosecutor’s office and the police went to the Karvina meeting with investigators from the Czech Republic. Polish and Czech prosecutors have agreed on the establishment of a joint investigation team. Its origin, however, must be preceded by the conclusion of the relevant agreement between prosecutors from both countries at the level of the general prosecutor’s offices. According to earlier announcement in a joint investigative group is working after a few people from both countries – prosecutors and police officers.

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